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Beautiful Kino Bay
Spend your next vacation in beautiful Bahia de Kino or Kino Bay located in Sonora, Mexico. The quaint fishing village where most of the native population live is called Old Kino or Kino Viejo. New Kino or Kino Nuevo is the 7 mile stretch of beach and road, dotted on both sides with private homes and condominiums. You can enjoy freshly caught seafood in local restaurants in both Old and New Kino. Although you won't find resort hotels, shopping malls, or night clubs, you will find a large population of active retirees who know how to have fun.

Kino is safe!
Although you have read and heard stories about the danger in visiting Mexico, Kino Bay is quite safe. Driving down the highway from Nogales to Hermosillo to Kino Bay is also safe. There is a large military presence on this road for the protection of tourists. Of course it is smart to drive well-traveled roads during daylight hours.

If you get tired of basking in the sun, playing in the surf, and watching beautiful sunsets, you can find more to do: kayaking, snorkeling, golfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, 4-wheeling, fishing, hiking, and watching for whales & dolphins from the shore. 

Club Deportivo 
If you're staying a while, join Club Deportivo (they have temporary memberships) and enjoy internet service, exercise classes, book club, full bar, organized events and meals, golfing, bocce ball, fishing tournaments, and a lending library​ of books and digital media. The Club is open daily, but the social calendar of the Club extends from October to March. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact either Pam or Maria for available rentals or join the many of us who own homes in beautiful Kino Bay. We will leave the light on for you!
About Kino
The Seri 
The Seri Indians are known to have lived here for at least 500 years. Coronado's men met the Seri during their march to the mythical cities of Cibola in the 16th century. In the 17th century Jesuit missionaries tried to confine them to small areas around the missions in order to make them into farmers and Christians. In fact, Kino Bay is named for one such Jesuit priest: Father Eusebio Francisco Kino. Some Seris rebelled and tried to leave the missions, but the Spanish military arrested them, splitting up families by sending the women of the tribes to Guatemala. Those families who escaped had to change camps often to evade the Spaniards. Consequently the Seri had to abandon much of their land altogether. Their once large holdings (from Guaymas Bay to 75 miles north of Tiburon Island) decreased to a few miles of shoreline and the 5,000 population dwindled to a few hundred survivors today. The Seri Indian Reservation is north of Kino Bay on the coast; their village is named Punta Chueca. They are famous for their crafts such as basket weaving, jewelry making, rock sculputres, and ironwood carvings. There is a small Seri Indian Museum on Mar de Cortez in Kino Nuevo. 

Boating and Fishing
There are a handful of islands just off the coast of Kino. There are natural coral reefs and the fishing is great. Call David Torres at Kino Bay Bait and Tackle for information about chartering a boat for fishing or sight-seeing:
044 662 155 2060

The largest island in Mexico is the landmass that you see to the right. Isla de Tiburon, Island of the Shark, is shaped like a shark. It is a wildlife refuge and is owned by the Seri Indians. They issue hunting permits for elk horn deer and rams.The small volcanic cone island to the left is Isla Alcatraz, Pelican Island.  

Fresh Seafood to Buy
The Kino Pier is located at the end of Kino Blvd in Old Kino. The fisheries line the beach. Just stop in at any time and ask if they have fresh fish today, ¿Tiene pescado?